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Dispensario Seeds First Hybrid

With Dr Paul Hornby’s experience of analysing in his laboratory (Hedron Analytical), and all the genetics of Canada and part of the United States, Dr Paul Hornby confirmed to Daniel Hamra, that Northern Lights and Sour Tsunami were the best additions to his breeding program.

He received pollen from a male Sour Tsunami, which has a high content of CBD. It was fresh and vacuum packed, in small vials, just to pollinate a couple of flowers per unit. He crossed with different genetics and selected a variety, that already classics of Dispensario Seeds, like Critical M, Eter Blueberry, Queen Widow and Rehab 47.

With the Northern Lights, he makes his own selection to create the Auto-Flowering version of the seed for Dispensario, Auto NL Aurora. Thanks to this, we offer a personal NL Auto, in connection with the classic genetic roots.

We are the Importer /Distributor of Dispensario Seeds and sell on a wholesale basis all over Europe.

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