Orchid Focus Grow & Bloom 1L


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The Orchid Focus feeding programme is reccomended by the Eric Young Orchid Foundation, the leading UK authority on orchid hybridisation.

Orchid Focus is available in Grow and Bloom formulations, as plants have different nutritional requirements according to their growth stage. Orchid Focus Grow has high levels of nitrogen, derived from nitrates, to encourage the growth of healthy shoots and leaves. The Orchid Focus Bloom formulation has enhanced levels of phosphorus and potassium to support heavy flowering.

  • Use Orchid Focus Bloom while the plant is in flower.
  • Switch to Orchid Focus Grow as soon as flowers are finished.
  • Switch back to Orchid Focus Bloom when a new flower spike appears
  • Orchid Focus contains no urea, which can damage epiphytic orchids.

Orchid Focus Grow and Bloom are available in 100 ml, 300 ml, and 1 litre.