Buddha Seeds

Buddha Seeds works on the stabilization and improvement of cannabis genetics and in particular bases its efforts on the production of the best autoflowering.

Taking care of above all the quality and not the quantity, Buddha Seeds has become in very little time in a referent to world-wide level.

Each of our varieties is worked with great effort and dedication, to offer a different and innovative result, able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding grower.

At Buddha Seeds we are working to be closer to you: we would like to know your opinion about our varieties, and for that, we are going to give you a space so that you can share with us and our followers your cultivation tips, etc. For our part, the goal of this blog is to inform, entertain and service growers, and make this window an accessible and enjoyable meeting point in which to exchange all kinds of news and articles from the cannabis sector.

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Showing all 10 results