Genehtik Seeds

Genehtik is the result of many years of hard farm work and to share and exchange genetic information and experiences with farmers and breeders (breeders) amateurs and professionals, known and unknown from different countries and continents.

We have been since the late 90´s keeping very special varieties, true champion in many cases. Test the different crosses with them and other cannabis seeds from around the world, we have created our own varieties fully stable and quality.

In our catalog you can find feminized cannabis seeds and autoflowering cannabis seeds, as well as fertilizers and nutrients for your plants.

The quality of Genehtik cannabis seeds

In our cannabis seedbank we always guarantee the maximum genetic quality of all our cannabis seeds, maintaining the characteristics of the parents and preserving the aromas, flavors and effects thus ensuring stability and vigor both in development and in the structure of the plant. Guaranteeing that practically 100% of our cannabis seeds will offer feminine flowers and resinous buds.

All our cannabis seeds are selected and cleaned manually to ensure the highest quality, with a packaging in microtubes to ensure their optimal conservation.

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Showing 1–16 of 17 results